Toros University

Department of Translation and Interpretation

Course Information  
Year 2021-2022
Semester Spring
Course Code MTB 306
Course Title Translation of Social Science Texts
Instructor Prof. Dr. S. Yeşim Aksan
Objective of the course  
The aim of the course is to inform students the  basic language properties of social science texts; to enable them to link these properties to social science text translation on the basis of cultural differences, lexical choice, terminology, text functions, syntactic patterns, formulaic expressions, information structure and the like.
Course Outline
Weeks Topics


28.02.2022  Aims  of the course; social science and its branches pptx



07.03.2022 Register and genre properties of scientific texts Uzun, Biber&Conrad;




14.03.2022 Terminology in translation


Talavan, modules 1,2,3


Sample text

21.03.2022 Basic concepts in translation studies Palumbo
28.03.2022 Translation of social science texts Aksoy



04.04.2022 Practice: Sociology New Metrapolis

Yeni anakent

Compartive text of new metrapolis

11.04.2022 Practice:Translation studies Putting translation into practice

Çeviri kuramını uygulamaya geçirmek

Comp. txt. of translation

18.04.2022 Midterm 
25.04.2022 Practice: Anthropology Neanderthal;


Neanderthal comp

The cultural basis of emotion and gesture

09.05.2022 Practice: History From fire to freud; chp. 9 law, Latin, literacy and liberal arts

Hukuk, Latince…

16.05.2022 Practice: Psychology Running on empty chp.1-2

Running on empty comp. texts

23.05.2022 Practice: Archaeology Göbekli Tepe: Ancient sites with human skulls display

Göbekli tepe

Göbekli tepe comp. texts

30.06.2022 Practice: Business Management
06.06.2022 Review
Final assignment


Zoom meeting:
Meeting ID: 590 283 8804
Passcode: mtb2021


Text Books Aksoy, B. 1999. Sosyal bilimler metinleri çevirisi. Hacettepe Üniversitesi Edebiyat Fakültesi Dergisi, 16(2), 21-27.

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Palumbo G. 2009. Key terms in translation studies. Continuum.

Talavan, N. 2016. A University Handbook on Terminology and Specialized Translation. UNIVERSIDAD NACIONAL DE EDUCACIÓN A DISTANCIA.

Supplementary Readings
Baker, M. 2011. In other words. Routlege.

Halliday, M.A.K. & Martin, J.R. 1993. Writing science. Routledge.

Türkçe bilim terimleri sözlüğü: Sosyal bilimler 2011. TÜBA.

Mid-term paper 40%
Final paper 60%