Toros University

Department of Translation and Interpretation

Course Information  
Year 2020-2021
Semester Spring
Course Code MTB 202
Course Title Linguistics II
Instructor Prof. Dr. S. Yeşim Aksan
Objective of the course  

The aim of this course is to enable the students to  have basic knowledge about the field of linguistics and its inner and outer circles such as semantics, pragmatics, sociolinguistics, language and mind.

Course Outline
Weeks Topics


03.03.2021  Aims  of the course; Semantics: Meaning Chp.8
10.03.2021 Semantics: Meaning Chp.8


Crystal-lg.& thought


Sense & reference:

17.03.2021 Pragmatics: Using language Chp.9



24.03.2021 Pragmatics: Using language Chp.9
31.03.2021 Sociolinguistics: Language and society Chp. 10
07.04.2021 Sociolinguistics: Language and society Chp. 10
14.04.2021 Psycholinguistics: Language and mind   Chp.11
21.04.2021 Midterm  40%
28.04.2021 Psycholinguistics: Language and mind Chp.11
05.05.2021 Historical linguistics: Language change Chp. 12
12.05.2021 Historical linguistics: Language change Chp. 12
26.05.2021 Comparative linguistics: Comparing languages Chp. 13


02.06.2021 Review

Final Exam- due date-24.06.2021

Make-up Exam-due date-01.07.2016

Zoom meeting:
Meeting ID: 590 283 8804
Passcode: mtb2021


Text Books Aitchison,J. 2010. Aitchison’s Linguistics. London: The McGrawe Hill.

Hornsby, D.2014 – Linguistics  a Complete Introduction. McGrawe Hill.

Supplementary Readings Akmajian, A. R.A. Demers, A.K.Farmer & R. M. Harnish 2010. Linguistics: An Introduction to Language and Communication. Cambridge,Mass.: The MIT Press.

Crystal, D. 2002. The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language. Second Edition. Cambridge: CUP.

Denham, K. & A. Lobeck 2013. Linguistics for Everybody. Boston: Wadsworth Cengage Learning.

Fromkin, V., R. Rodman & N.Hyams 2017. An Introducution to Language. 11th edition. Boston: Wadsworth Cengage Learning.

Trask, R.L. 1999. Language the Basics. London: Routledge.

Mid-term paper 40%
Final paper 60% Final questions